Peat processing

Peat Processing and Production of Peat Substrates

Production of peat is the service provided by the company  LLC “SILU KUDRA” by cooperating with LLC Brīvzemnieki-Melior in distribution and production of peat, as well as producing fertilizer from peat with the help of LLC BPH&E SIA
Peat production and manufacturing process of peat substrates

4Peat is obtained from the peat marshes where there is not any sand and soil additions. LLC SILU KUDRA uses high quality peat. During the production process lime is used for adjusting the PH level. Upon the customer’s order superelements, moisturizing agent, NPK 14:16:18 are added to the peat substrates.  It is possible also to add perlite and clay.

Peat is obtained from sour environment where pH 3.5 – 5.5, in such environment there are not parasitic nematodes. Peat consists of only organic substances.

The specific electrical conductivity in mS/cm peat substrate is usually within 1.5 – 2.8.
The natural pH level of peat begins from 3.4, to increase it to 6.0 an appropriate dose of lime is added which is not more than 65%.

The factory uses the peat which has the moisture degree of 40%, addition of black peat is also used in a lot of additions which has up to 55% of moisture.

LLC SILU KUDRA has 3 prepacking lines 6.0 m3 big degrees, 5m3 degrees and 250 L, 300L. The content to be filled in sacks is determined with the help of a certified EN cylinder. For example, ¼ m3 is filled in a sack of 250 L which may weigh up to 50kg depending on the mixture.

Analyses from the product (PH level, specific electrical conductivity and moisture stability)  are made on a regular basis, as well as samples from each manufactured product or batch of (peat substrates) are stored.

Peat differs both in terms of fractions, colours and application. Each customer chooses the most appropriate substrate or a simple fraction which is used for growing various seeds, plants and even trees.

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