Peat production

Peat output and peat production in Brīvzemnieki-Melior

LLC Brīvzemnieki-Melior deals with peat production and peat output by cooperating in peat production, peat distribution by LLC “SILU KUDRA”.  Preparation of peat marshes for peat output by sawing out the trees, removal, profiling and steba services are the fields of activity of LLC BRĪVZEMNIEKI- MELIOR. Excavation works: digging ditches, digging ponds, designing of ponds. BRĪVZEMNIEKI- MELIOR performs dismantling works – dismantling of old houses and wrecks, removval of construction waste.


Services of LLC “BRĪVZEMNIEKI-MELIOR” in peat production and melioration construction, building

services in peat industry

  • Building, reconstruction of peat marshes and discharge networks
  • Mechanized removal
  • Chunked peat production
  • Development of the renovation projects of the peat marshes
  • Implementation of the marsh renovation projects

services in melioration construction

  • Construction, reconstruction and repair of melioration systems
  • Construction of reservoirs
  • Construction of ponds, ditches, foundation pits, construction sites, etc. excavation works

construction work services

  • Dismantling of buildings by sorting materials
  • Removal of debris
  • Removal of construction waste
  • Arrangement of the territory

LLC “Brīvzemnieki-melior”
Legal address: “Brīvzemnieki”, Sēme parish, Tukuma region, LV-3110
Office, postal address: Dienvidu 6b, Tukums, LV-3101
Phone:+371 29255178; 371 29497855
Fax:+371 63123328


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