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Peat production, peat distribution and peat output are directions of activity of Latvian-German joint vennture “SILU KUDRA” by cooperating with  LLC BPH&E and LLC Brīvzemnieki-Melior.

Peat fertilizer is a product of LLC BPH&E SIA, manufactured from natural and ecologically clean raw material – peat. The active substance of the preparation are humus substances.

LLC Brīvzemnieki-Melior deals with peat production and peat output, peat distribution is carried out by LLC “SILU KUDRA ” in Latvia and abroad.

Production of substrates of SILU KUDRA

Latvian – German joint venture LLC “SILU KUDRA” started active production of peat substrates in 2007. The peat substrates offered by the company are provided for proessionals and amateurs.

LLC “SILU KUDRA” offers ready peat substrates for gardening and growing of different plants. The most part of the manufactured products is exported by selling 10% of the products in the Latvian market. Latvian gardeners have shown interest in the products manufactured by LLC “SILU KUDRA”. This is confirmed by the increase of the internal market sale since 2007.

“SILU KUDRA” has 3 prepacking lines 6,0 m3 big degrees, 5 m3 degrees and 250 L. The content to be filled in sacks is determined with the help of a certified EN cylinder. For example, ¼ m3 is filled in a sack of 250 L which may weigh up to 50kg depending on the mixture 250 L.

Analyses from the product are made on a regular basis, as well as samples from each manufactured product or batch of are stored. Peat differs both in terms of fractions, colours and application. Each customer chooses the most appropriate substrate or a simple fraction which is used for growing various seeds, plants and even trees.

Peat substrates have 18 different mixtures produced mainly from screened peat fractions. All peat is purchased from the manufacturing companies of Latvian peat marshes. For production of substrates the cut chunk peat fractions are used, as well as milled peat fractions and black peat fractions.  Other raw materials to be added are purchased from the manufacturers of Latvian raw materials.

Depending on the order peat fractions are mixed together in production of the peat substrate by adding appropriate amount of lime, NPK, mineral fertilizers, perlite and clay. Lime is purchased from Latvian manufacturers, the rest elements are imported from Germany.

We ure the quality control of the produced peat substrates in accordance with the control mechanism checked by the partner company.

Chairman of the Board of LLC “SILU KUDRA” Andris Ritenis


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